What is hot now on TV?

If someone asks you what is hot on TV program!, what will you answer?

I won’t answer “The Giant”. My clear answer is “Dancing with the Stars”. Of course as I am a dancer I love to watch all kinds of dancing.

This show is an American version of the British BBC TV series Strictly Come Dancing. The series started in 1949 and known as Come Dancing.

Each contestant pair is a celebrity and a professional. Celebrities learn from the professionals within a very short period and compete in the life show. There are a lot of stress and most of the celebrities cry , shout, depress and argue with the professional in the practicing period.

I appreciate the celebrities whom over 50 are so much struggle to dance in their age. In order to avoid the dropping out, the style, dancing process and choosing the technique are important. It also depends on how the profession create the dancing style. I notice episode 5, Florence Henderson is out. I like her dancing but her professional create the dancing style made their pair image bad in the judges’ eyes.

I think if Corkery did not shake her hand up, their beautiful dance process will help them continue to next week.

But in episode 4, I confused why “Jersey show” Mike Sorenntino was eliminated. Their dance is very dangerous and amazing style, very hard performance and so nice. I disappointed for their loose.

Secondly I also like Margret Chow. She can dance well and very much hard working but she is the second person to be eliminated. I like David Hasselhoff. In his age, he can dace but he did not get a chance for next step.

I like Jeniffer Grey and Brandy. Kyle is young, energetic and really funny. I wait to see who will be the winner.

Here is the news link of “Dancing with the stars”


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