Burmese dance – Introduction

Our Burmese dance are create the dancing methods which is copied  from movement of the birds, animals, tree and natural environment. For example puppet dance from the real puppet, peacock dance from peacock movement, monkey dance from monkey movement, and mystical bird- Kinnaree dance from bird.

Creating the dance over the living style such as children dance, spirit dance, ministry dance and super human dance (Stick holding holy man Zaw gyi who have big power to fly, hide, change item.) Giant man dance (Bilu who is powerful human like creature. He/she is ugly with huge teeth and eats life creatures such as bird, human, animal).

Zawgyi dance (He is a powerful man who can fly and change item with his super power.)

Peacock Dance

Kinaree dance (Mystical Golden Bird”)

Zaw gyi dance

Ramayana dance

Burmese dance is very much similar to Thai, Lao and Philippine dance but Burmese dance has several different dancing methods and changed  depend on the location, condition and place . On the different is our dance is combination movement of the whole body. for example: Place dance is gently movement. villager dance is fun, simple and describes a villager life, pot dance dance describes young villager ladies who takes water from well and describes how enjoy the young ladies life and cute village life.

Undoubtedly our dance is also known as a great exercise. Because when you dance, movement is essential to move head to toe.


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