Systematic Burmese dance

Burmese dance is a systematic  structured movement of the body. The whole body parts must move smoothly, soft and change due to different movement.

There are 3 categories of the performance. A single dance, duet dance and group dance performance.

Male performer and female performer has similar dance steps but different in structural steps.

Dance steps for male performer is more difficult like jumping, circling, diving in the air.

For female dance steps, the movement is soft, gentle, and no jumping. Female performer must squad all the time unless sitting. The important part for the female performer is how to shake the train of the dress. Raising train support the beauty of dancing steps. Since the train is 1.5 meters long, it cause difficult to dance while moving. If the performer does not know how to control the train, she could be falling down.

In general male performer wares 20 meters of cloth sheet known as sarong. Female performer wears 4 meters of sarong but the length of the train is 1 meter to 2 meter long.

The dancing uniform will be explained in next post.

The most famous dance for male is prince dance and for female is princess dance. Here is the nice show of duet dance of prince and princess dance.

All dancers must know the basic Burmese dance. Dancer can modify, select and combine steps from the basic step.

Now modern Burmese dance is modified and mixture with western dance step.

Here are a funny video of foreign movie with Burmese song, created by unknown modern artist.


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