Attractive Burmese’s dance dress

Burma is rich of natural resources such as gold, silver, oil, ruby, diamond, jade, sapphire, etc. So that Burmese royal wear full of gold from head to toe. So that royal dress for king, queen , prince and princess are very heavy and made with gold plate and jewelery. It expected to be more than 10 kg in weight and 6′ in height. Old kingdom age Burmese are big and strong according to the dress of royal. A pair of king’s shoe at museums are 18″ long.

Picture : Boy in the king dress, girl in princess dress

The hat (crown) and shoe are made of gold string and jewelery. Clothes are made of colorful silk. Wearing decorator string over the shirt. King is holding 4 face of 12″ knife. Even knife is encrusted with jewelery and gold. Everything for royal are made of gold, jewelery and silk such as umbrella, knife, chair, bed, towel, etc. necklaces, bracelet, bangle ring, ear-ring such as jewelery also help the weight to the royal dress.

Burmese dancers are particularly dance for the king. Their dress are made of imitation gold and imitation jewelery encrusted clothes. Because only the royal and top king’s management are allowed to wear gold dress.

(Picture left to right dancers : Queen, princes in yellow, King)

Here are attractive uniform of the dress which depend on the type of dance.

Male dancer (for Burmese prince dance) wearing hat, long shirt, long skirt (saroon), cloth decoration string, wrist decoration sheet and jewelery.

Female dancer (for Burmese princess dance) wearing bee heigh, long blouse, long skirt (saroon), cloth decoration string, wrist decoration sheet and jewelery.

Male dancer (for ministry dance) wearing long hat, leg length long jacket, cloth decoration string and no jewelery. This dance is only for male. Because king never give the ministry title to the woman.

Male dancer (for spiritual dance) wearing Shaw hat, waist towel, long shirt and long skirt with flower or liqueur. This dance is for spiritual people whom died and powerful mysterious image. Some people warship to the spiritual mysterious for business.

Female dance .. as above.

There are 14 provinces in Burma and more than 20 races are living in Burma. Here are traditional dresses for some races.

Picture – left to right : Mon, Burmese, Shan, Karen

Picture – left to right : Pa Daung (long neck woman), Ka Chin, Le su, La hu, Pa Oo’, Na ga man

, Chin, Pa laung

Picture left to right : Chin, Ka Chin, Ka Yar, Karen


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