Anxiety, Difficulty and Funny behind the performance

Burmese dance can be performed as a single dance, duet dance or group dance.

Single dance is the best for the dancer. She or he can dance in free style. Even make mistake, can carry out until time up as long as it is not competition.

Duet dance and group dance is not easy. In duet dance, (two females/males dance) is similar to the group dance. Everybody move the dancing step together in every second. If someone is delay or faster than the other, the performance is not nice to watch.

If duet dance is couple dance with male and  female performer, both of them need to support each other. If one makes mistake, the other needs to support and follow with suitable dancing step. So audiences will not notice the mistake of the performers.

In group dance, every dancer has responsibility to take part. Everybody must support each other and perform the whole performance.

Practicing before the performance is not easy. It take 1 day ahead to  three month in advance. If the group performance is an opera, practicing time will be take more longer and earlier.

In order to have a good performance, all dancers must be interested in dancing, willing to take part, willing to share each other and co-operate each other. Adult dancer is an easy learner but the child. Children are playful and do not want to listen if they bore to dance. Against the instructor, stop dancing  at the middle of the performance. It is the big head-ache to train the performance with children.

There is a the most difficult puppet dance performance with the children. Before and at the performance time, the parent of children performer, leading dancer and organizers are anxious and worry not to finish the performance. Depend on the child dancers’ mood and co-operation, the performance is pretty good and got support from the audiences.

Here is a puppet dance with children video.

In the practicing time, a little dancer refuse to dance. Grand mother, leading dancer (instructor) and some other adult dancers must do the trick to make the little dancer to follow the instructor. Giving snack, toy, playing cartoon video are the main control method for her grand mother.

Here is video how to train the little angles 2 moths in advance before the performance.

At the performing time, there are a lot of difficulty behind the stage. While little dancer and two boys were sitting and playing behind the curtain. A father of a boy also managing them behind the curtain. He has head ache to manage them not to play loudly. When the time is up for little dancer to come out from the curtain, a big problem occurs to one of the boys. His costume rob became looses and require to tighten again. It cause delay the performance.

After the little dancer come out, two boys did not turn up. It is the boy whom rob loose and drop to the ground due to the accident with the curtain handle. His father tighten up his rob quickly but time delay. Due to the quick tighten up, his costume is not proper, unrepresentable  and ugly.

It causes the boys not to turn up to the front stage at the end of the performance.

Training the children dancer under 10 is very difficult. Amazingly this performance is the best among the others.



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