week 13 Assignment 8: Podcast proposal

1. Theme

I choose my Topic “Golden Land of Burmese Dance” which is intended to share our traditional dance not only for the Burmese people, but also for all over the world.
Many readers wonder why Burma is called “the Golden Land”. The Burmese Pagan dynasty (1044 ~ 1084 AD) was very powerful and prosperous. Many kings built pagodas and Buddha statues which were gilt with pure gold, because they wanted to show out that they were rich and they could afford to donate for Buddhism. Gold was widely for Buddha statues, pagodas, palaces and monastery. Gold was also essential for royal objects such as jewelry, house, cloth, catering stuff, chair, bed, etc. Naturally, Burma has plenty of golden pagodas anywhere and tourists agree to give the name of “The Golden Land of Burma”.
Entertainment makes people happy, less stressed, relaxed, and less anxious. Dancing and music are inseparable forms of entertainment. The power of entertainment can help people away from suicide, battle, quarrel, fighting, and misunderstanding. It also helps people to forget or to reduce the sad condition temporarily.
Most people know Thai dancing but they are not familiar with Burmese dancing. Thai’s dance is gentle and performs slow movement, but Burmese dance offers both fast and slow movement. One dance and another do not the same method. Depend on the festival (For example: New Year, Full moon day), Buddha day (For example: Buddha’s date of birthday, Special first day of Buddha day), region (For example: upper Burma, Lower Burma, Mountain or flat division), ethnicity (Shan, Mon, Ka Yin), cities (Mandalay, Yangon, Thaung Ggyi), villages, place and etc.
My first priority is to introduce our traditional dance. Second priority is to share Burmese culture, and the third priority to invite new learners. It’s not only for fun but also for physically exercise for all interested dancers.

2. Format

For public and shared dancing video on YouTube which depends on special performance.

3. Podcasts:


I admire Shwe Man Tha Bin Mr. Win Maung (NY) who presents the basic dancing method step by step of Ramayana. He presents very clear and demonstrate systematically.

Facial Expression:

Wave Hand Movement

Dance with Music:

I admire Shwe Man Tha Bin Mr. Win Maung (NY) who presents the basic dancing method of Ramayana step by step in a very clear and systematic way. His father, Mr. Shwe Mun Tin Maung established the Shwe Man Tha Bin Dance company. He was a very talented dancer. He performed so gracefully that he won a gold medal award and received a lot of gold coin gift from his audience. The second generation of this talented family are his five sons . They are academy award winner actor Nyunt Win, famous dancer Win Bo, San Win, New York dancing instructor Win Maung, and the youngest famous dancer and first novelist award Chan Thar. Now the third generation grandsons continue to keep their Shwe Man Tha Bin and also famous in Burma. Shwe Man dancing method is very systematic and structured. So I mimic their method when I performed with Chan Thar (one of Shwe Mun Tin Mg’s sons) in San Francisco.

4. Competition:
Actually I learned the dancing method from the instructors of the Burmese Government Cultural School. All dancing methods are similar but with different movement and personal style. I prefer the Government Cultural School which is changed with the new name of Culture University. So I could dance some similar dancing method as Shwe Man Mr. Win Maung. Pls see the show.
Shwe Kinnari:

5. Cost:
I spent a lot of money for 3 JVC and 2 Sony camcorders, 7 digital camera (2 Minolta, 3Sony, and 2Nikon), Dazzle Fuse Video Editing device and video software, 3 Panasonic DVD recorders and upgrade for video card in my computer. Most of them were bought at CompUSA, Circuit City and Best Buy. After the closing of CompUSA and Circuit City, I stop buying any video relative device because Best Buy does not support enough technology for my video interesting. Now I am interested in Mac video editing. After I learn MMSP, I have a lot of knowledge with photo and video from my nice instructor Erica and my nice classmates. (I need to save money for future video Mac software.)

6. Podcasts

Finally – subscribe to 1-2 podcasts relevant to your interests (you may add them as an RSS feed on your blog too).
I have added RSS dancing with the star news into my blog. I have done podcast about my dancing at podbeam.com


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