Week 16 Assign 9 Lab 10 Livecasting and virtual meeting.

Lab 10 Livecasting and virtual meeting.

With the help of the advanced computer technology, there are cutting cost, reduce the time consuming activities and more productivity.

Livecasting or screencasting is a computer program which captures the participant with the web camera or onscreen video/movie with the screen shooting program.

virtual meeting or life meeting is a computerized meeting which help participants to meet each other via their TV/computer screen whom are in different terrestrial.

This technology is widely used as conference/meeting/training/broadcasting in entertainment, education, politic, army and business.

Using with the computer, camera and speaker, virtual meeting help reducing crowd, cost and time consuming. It is an interactive program so that very useful for training class.

Google, yahoo, microsoft and other companies provides chatting , video chatting service, blogging and Interactive messaging service.

Here are some example of live chatting.
Example 1 How kchel was asked about CISCO by her friend. Example 2. Person one ask about autoCAD to her friend.

Example 1

khinohnster: htoonthura@gmail.com to me
show details 11/11/10

4:37 PM Thura: Where are you now?
me: hi!
Thura: where are you at?
me: At home. I have the final on Tue.
Thura: I see
4:38 PM me: I am study for the hard test. Now I eat my lunch
and just sit at the computer
Thura: ok.
me: What are you doing now?
Thura: Just checking this and that
4:39 PM me: I worry my final. What is This & That?
Thura: Like email, news
me: Good! Do you know the new Cisco’s next step?
4:40 PM Thura: I have no idea. Why don’t you check it at their
web site?
4:41 PM I do not want to bother you if you have exam but I
have a question . if you have time
me: Cisco will take over the Internet call with its new IP
Phone router configuration and attack to the cell
phone connector. Well, ask me what do you want to
Thura: I am too old for this new development
4:42 PM where do you usually buy computer stuff in Singapore
do they have stores like Best Buy, fry’s , Circuit City
in Singapore
me: Ha! Ha! I am also too older than you. I finished the
Cisco Academic Associate and non-credit attends to
the CCSFnetworking class and the Cisco guy
emonstrated to us.
4:45 PM I did not buy any computer stuff in S’pore. My sister
bought IBM laptop at the store before she left S’pore.
4:46 PM I did my own business that I shopped at the Baby
supporting item, kitchen hardware and Surgery used
medicine at Mount Elizabeth Hospital,
4:47 PM Thura: OK. Thanks
4:58 PM me: I have got to go now
Thura: Good luck with your exam.
5:00 PM me: See you

These are example of interactive live program which helps improve communication in the real world society.

Example 2

Chat with noaeinshin@gmail.com

noaeinshin@gmail.com to me
show details Nov 17 (11 days ago)

9:10 PM noaeinshin: Hi
9:11 PM me: Hi, how r u?
noaeinshin: Yes I am fine. Last 3 days is holiday in here.
you can press F10 key
9:12 PM me: ok I’ll retry . i press F10. But mouse doesn’t go
smoothly after I enlarge.
9:13 PM noaeinshin: Actually I dont know, its like eid
9:14 PM if the pict is small mouse go serial movement after
enlarge mouse jump.
noaeinshin: Jump so far or alittle by a little
9:15 PM me: jump so far. I enlarge too big. It jump 1″
noaeinshin: press F9
9:16 PM me: ok. it still far
9:17 PM noaeinshin: ok wait for a while
me: after F9. I press F10. It look ok. Go smooth.
9:18 PM I got it. Thks a lot


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