Mission Statement:

Golden Land Dance Center focuses on teaching, practicing, performing and enjoying traditional dance of Burma. GLDC prides itself in being open to the entire community providing opportunities to learn the graceful movements of Burmese dance, costume and traditions while encouraging exercise, fun and socialization.

About “The Golden Land”

Many tourists like to refer Myanmar as “The Golden Land”. You can see golden pagodas, monasteries, accessories of the nobles, and so on, everywhere in Myanmar, because the Myanmar people use only gold leaf to guilt their Buddha statues, Pagodas, etc. Burmese people believe that if they offer gold to the pagodas, Buddha and Buddhist relative items they will get the merit and will never be poor in the next life. So Burmese is used to donate gold to the Buddha and pagoda. If you visit to Burma, you will see a lot of golden pagodas anywhere.

About dance instructor:

Chel K is from Burma. She is one of the professional performers and instructors in Burmese dancing. Her father was an Electronic Engineer (1924 ~ 1993) who wanted to give not only an education but also an interest in music, art and dancing to all of his children. He hired a dancing instructor for Chel K when she was eight year old. Her second older sister was also interested in dancing. At that time, the two sisters were so young and did not dance well. But, with more practice, their performance improves every day. Their father did not allow them to perform their dancing skills everywhere else except at school and university shows because he wanted them to get an education first. As per their father wish, the older sister did graduate B.E (Civil) and Chel did graduate B.S (Physics) from university.

Chel loved to sing and was also interested in drawing such as portrait, photo, water color and oil color paintings when she was young. So her father hired an instructor for her, and she learned about the art. In 1999, she immigrated to the United Stated. In several occasions, she saw some young Burmese ladies dancing very cute but they did not know how to dance correctly. So she guided them to dance systematically step by step. Then, she became the instructor for the lady dancers at the Burmese Fund Rising Charity Show. A lot of her friends learned the skill from her and they request her to open a dancing school, and she has a plan to do so. Burmese dancing is as gracious as a gentle exercise like many people observe it.


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